BioEngineering High School Competition

BioEHSC Volunteer Flyer

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As BioEHSC™ aims to promote growth and understanding of STEM fields, specifically bioengineering, feedback to competitors from our judges remains one of the most crucial components. There are two main judging components on the day of the symposium-- industry pitches and academic presentation.

Academic Judging: Students give a 12 minute presentation and judges will follow with about 5 minutes of questioning. Judges will have a few minutes of time to deliberate amongst one another. If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral/faculty researcher, you would most likely fit academic judging.

Industry Judging: Students will present a 2 minute “elevator pitch”, emphasizing project feasibility from an industry standpoint. Judges will follow with a few minutes of questioning and will have a bit of time to deliberate prior to the next group. If you are affiliated with industry, you would most likely fit industry judging.


Please fill out this form to register as a competition judge. The form explains what Academic and Industry judging each entail, and will allow you to choose a preference for your type of judging. You must be an industry professional or academic researcher beyond the undergraduate level in order to judge.