Outreach Committee


The mission of Outreach Committee is to connect Berkeley Bioengineering with the greater community. We help committee members reach their full potential for effective scientific communication. Outreach Committee conducts targeted workshops dedicated to developing these skills in a personalized, supportive environment, showing committee members how to connect with any audience in a professional, timely yet impactful way.

Through events like school visits, members have the opportunity to apply their learned skills: they firsthand empower and inspire future engineers by teaching them scientific concepts. In the process, Outreach Committee represents BioEHS, and Berkeley Engineering with every school visit.

BioE Day Flyer

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BioE Day

BioE Day is an event hosted by Bioengineering Honor Society on UC Berkeley campus for high school scholars, especially those of underrepresented communities. Our goal is to present various interesting areas of bioengineering to help students answer the question "What is Bioengineering?"

There will be several fun bioengineering-related hands-on activities, tours of on-campus laboratories, and demos to capture the students' interest, and excite them for participating in BioEHSC™ or BioE in general.

The Third Annual Bioengineering Day will take place on November 16th, from 10 AM - 3:30 PM at Soda Hall. Lunch will be provided. Once we hit capacity, a waitlist will be applied, so make sure to RSVP!

Quotes from Attendees

BioEHS Blog

Our workshops assist members on how to efficiently break down scientific concepts and write about them. As a product, this blog is intended to expose those without a scientific background or formal training to current papers in the field of Bioengineering, and all articles are written by members of the Outreach Committee.