BioEngineering High School Competition

Competition Overview

Registration for the 2021 BioEHSC™ has closed, and this year’s symposium will be on April 10th and 11th!

If you are interested in studying bioengineering in college or someday working in biotechnology, BioEHSC™, a bioengineering high school competition at UC Berkeley, can help you learn more about the fast-growing field.

BioEHSC™ is an annual group research and design competition for high school students, taking place every spring and hosted by the UC Berkeley Bioengineering Honor Society. To help high school students explore bioengineering, BioEHSC™ asks contestants to identify a problem in medicine or biology and design a bioengineering solution in seven weeks. Contestants will work in groups of four or five, and receive mentorship and advice from a bioengineering-focused researcher. After the seven weeks, contestants will prepare a scientific poster and presentation that details their proposed solution and analysis of their approach. They will present their findings for evaluation to a panel of professors, graduate students, and industry professionals in a final research symposium.

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Program Benefits

By participating in BioEHSC™, students can:

  • Learn more about bioengineering: BLS data show that bio(medical) engineering is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States, but very few know what it actually is. By participating in a bioengineering design contest, students can gain a better grasp of bioengineering and make an informed decision on whether bioengineering is right for them.

  • Interact with UC Berkeley faculty and students: UC Berkeley is the #1 public university and one of the top engineering institutions in the world, and has distinguished professors and alumni. In particular, some of our past BioEHSC™ mentors include current students and alums of graduate and medical programs at Harvard, UCSF, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, and many more. By interacting with these professors and undergraduates and learning from their experiences, students can develop skills and become poised for academic and professional success.

  • Become familiar with the engineering design process: Identify a problem, research, define targets, find a solution, analyze potential problems, before actually moving to testing - such is the design process of every engineer. By completing a bioengineering design project and emulating an engineer’s thought process, students can gain critical thinking and analysis skills important for every profession.

Recruitment Poster

If you would like to advertise BioEHSC™ in your high school to recruit other students interested in biotechnology, you can use this poster, which includes basic information on the contest. High schools can register up to two teams for the competition. Each team should only consist of students from the same high school. More information, including a petition form and waitlists, can be found under the registration tab.

About the BioE Honor Society

The Bioengineering Honor Society (BioEHS) honors and encourages academic achievement among undergraduate bioengineering students at UC Berkeley. It does so through study groups, professional development workshops, community service events, socials, and outreach projects.

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