BioEngineering High School Competition

BioEHSC High School Recruitment Flyer

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Thank you for your interest in the 2023 BioEHSC™!

To complete registration, team members and the team adviser should provide their information and waivers via the online application. This is due on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 at 11:59 PM. Please fill out one form for each team. We suggest reading the contents of the What Is Bioengineering? and Frequently Asked Questions tabs before registering, to help with answering the application questions.

High schools may register up to two teams for the competition this year. This team limit is to allow a larger number of different schools to participate. It is up to the coaches/administration of each school to determine which students/teams are eligible to compete. However, we do have a petition form available if your high school wishes to send more teams. Note that if a school has more than one team on the waiting list, admittance will be prioritized to the team that fills out the form first. Coaches may email us at if the order of waitlist team priority has been pre-determined by the coach(es)/school.

All team members and coaches should complete the Liability Waiver, Parent/Guardian Release Form, Medical Treatment Authorization Form, and Photo Release Form in order to attend the final symposium. Team members also need to fill out the School Authorization form, which requires the signature of the Dean/Head of the Science Department of their school. Team members and coaches should submit these forms via the online application; see the application for more instructions.

Please note that it is absolutely imperative to fill out the necessary forms correctly. Read through the paperwork documentation for instructions on arranging and uploading paperwork, as well as examples of properly-filled responses. If you have any further questions, feel free to email!

Lastly, each team member should submit a registration fee of $38, which will cover the costs of the competition. DO NOT PAY THIS FEE AFTER FILLING OUT THE APPLICATION. When we contact you after registration has closed with the contact information of your undergraduate mentor(s), then we will provide you with more information about purchasing tickets on Eventbrite. Students should submit their registration fee via this Eventbrite link by ordering a “Student Participant” ticket. This will finalize your registration and be used to check-in on the day of the final symposium. If finances are a preventative factor, please fill out the Fee Waiver form. BioEHS is committed to providing equal opportunity for students of all backgrounds, and we know the past year has been exceptionally challenging due to the pandemic. With generous sponsorship, we anticipate having enough fee waivers for all students that demonstrate financial need.

Your registration will be complete after we receive your team’s application, waivers, and registration fees, and you should start your projects immediately afterwards. Once all materials are received, all team members and their coach will get a confirmation email.