Applications will be made available at the start of each semester.

Why you should apply


Meet and network with BioEHS alumni through info-sessions, alumni panels, and general meetings.

Find your niche in BioE

Discover or narrow your interests/concentration within BioE by meeting more BioE peers in the classes you’re taking, seeking course advice from BioEHS members, and talking to BioE professors in the field.

Skill Development

Attend professional workshops covering LinkedIn, resumes, technical interviewing, public speaking, or work on hands-on hardware/software projects.

Explore Committees:


Applicants need to have completed one semester at UC Berkeley and/or be a transfer student. The minimum GPA is 3.3 for juniors/seniors (including junior transfers), 3.5 for sophomores, and 3.7 for freshmen (spring).

In addition to the unit and GPA requirements, prospective members must submit an application. The application form will be made available soon after the start of each semester.

The Bioengineering Honor Society considers all parts of the application when admitting Applicants as new Candidates.

Non-Bioengineering Applicants

Prospective members that are planning on transferring into the Bioengineering major from any other major at UC Berkeley may apply using the form above. There is a recommended minimum technical Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.6 and supplementary materials are required. Admission into the society is probationary; if the transfer into Bioengineering is unsuccessful, membership will be revoked.

First Semester Freshmen

Freshmen in their first semester are not expected to meet the unit requirements. However, freshmen who are interested in joining the society at a later date are encouraged to fill out this Prospective Member Interest Form and to attend public events.

Non-member Participation

While applicants to Bioengineering Honor Society must meet minimum grade standards and apply for membership, many of our activities are open to all undergraduates. We feel this will give new undergraduates a chance to get to know the Bioengineering major, career, and peers before deciding to join our society. Please feel free to join us at advertised events and socials.

Candidate Semester

  • Membership Dues, which is a one-time $50 fee paid in two installments. This charge includes banquet fees and a BioEHS shirt.
  • Five (5) elective events, of which there must be 2 Social, a Professional Development, an Academic, and an Outreach.
  • Three (3) General Meetings, which frequently feature professional speakers.
  • Five (5) officer challenges, designed to help candidates get to know the officers.
  • Participation in a committee with weekly meetings.
  • Candidate Challenge Night (CCN) and Candidate Retreat, where candidates meet and get to know each other through a series of activities.
  • Banquet, where officers, members, candidates, and faculty join to celebrate the end of another semester.
  • Resume Submission, which we will critique for you after our resume workshop and include in our resume book that biotech companies purchase for recruitment.

If you cannot complete some of the above requirements but would still like to induct as a member of BioEHS, please e-mail the Internal Vice President at to discuss possible alternatives.